Tax Tips For Writers

With tax time fast approaching...again, it's always nice to have resources at hand to make sure you are filing your taxes correctly, in a timely manner, and making the most use of allowable exemptions.  I would personally recommend picking up the all inclusive book, Writer’s Pocket Tax Guide. It is an indispensable resource on the subject of writers and taxes.

If you'd rather search the web, here is a good starting point for tips on taxes for fiction writers. 

Tax links for the Fiction Writer:
Profit vs. Pleasure: Rules on Losses
It's Time to Think About Taxes
Award Winning Writers, Photographers and Artists are Losers Under the Tax Laws
Taxes and the Writer 
A Home Business and Taxes
Estimated Taxes: Another Deadline Coming Up
How Long to Keep Financial Records 

Taxes for Writers 
Authors and the Internal Revenue Code  
Writers Guide to Taxes 
A Little Tax Advice for Writers 
Tax Tips for Writers

Tax tips for freelancer writer:

Filing Time Reminders for Freelancers
Freelance Tax FAQ's
Taxes for Freelancers 
Tax Answers for Freelance Writers 
Better Tax Breaks for Freelancers 
Tax Tips for Freelancers


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