Born in 1969, and raised a military brat, by the age of seventeen I’d lived in five states, two countries and attended nine different schools. It was (in part) this unconventional upbringing that gave me a wide and diverse perspective of people and places–wonderful fuel for any writer. I found great pleasure in books and writing, as time passed my need to put words and stories on paper only grew. For the past 3 years I have begun seriously writing both fiction and non-fiction, mostly in an attempt to learn the craft. When not writing fiction, I write on nonfiction topics such as police, fitness, and computers.
I still work a day (night actually) job which I love immensely.  It gives me time to write during the day, when the wife and kids are out of the house.
I currently reside in New York State with my wife, two daughters and two Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.
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