Using One Note in Fiction Writing

I like to research my ideas, flesh things out until I feel they are ready.  Yes I outline, I plan, I brainstorm, all before I finally sit down to write.  My ideas come in snippets.  A piece of dialogue, an interesting creature, a location, a scene.  I need somewhere to throw this jumble of ideas.  Before One Note these ideas filled napkins, the backs of receipts, notebooks of all sizes, whatever I could grab at the time.  I actually remember writing a scene around and around my paper coffee cup.  Truth be told, if in a bind that is where they still end up, at least until I get home.  Now every idea has its place, and if it doesn't it gets one.  I organize stories into the following:

  • Ideas
  • Outline
  • Characters
  • Locations
  • Chapters
  • Research
Many of these are subdivided into pages.  Chapters each get their own page, as do characters and locations.  I also keep different sections for Mythology, lore, fairy tales, legends and such. You can click the image for a closer look. Yes, I know if you look closely Baba Yaga is incorrectly placed under Celtic Mythology, but that's where she's staying. And that is because you can use this as you wish.  Revel in the order or disorder, whichever you are more comfortable with.  This is merely the template I use.  It is useful for me.  You may find a different method of organizing your ideas, and if you do I'd love to here about yours.  Whether it be with One Note, Excel, Word, or some other non-Microsoft software; or are you still like I was, using paper scraps and notebooks?

The screen shot to the left is a sample of what I use.  It is an older picture, but I still use the general ideas presented.  Mine has just grown larger over the past year.  I hope you find this useful to help organize your ideas and research.


Lori Sizemore said...

I just started using one note on my new project, too! I've only been using it a few weeks but I think it's perfect.

S. M. Worth said...

I love, love, love One Note. Great thing is, I am always finding news ways to make use of it.

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