Free New Author Promo

Budding writers have a hard enough time gaining recognition amongst already established authors.  To help what little I can here is a standing offer.  If you have a recently released or soon to be released book send me the info and I'll post on it.  My posts then get tweeted, hopefully helping to spread the word of your success.  All I need is an email to with the following :

Pen name
Release date (if known)
Your website
Link to cover art
Book synopsis (250ish words)
If you'd like an honest review and can donate a book, note that also.

Just my way of giving back what I can.  If I get enough responses I'd love to make it a weekly column.


Betty R. said...

Thanks for such a generous offer! I hope to one day take advantage of it. :)

Sean Worth said...

I hope you do too Betty. Keep writing!

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