Top 10 Writer's Podcasts

So, I have gradually made the move from listening to music while running every morning, to listening to podcasts.  While I do not listen solely to writing podcasts and still do occasionally need some music to get pumped up for a run - I decided to list my top 10 writing podcasts I listen to right now. In no particular order:

  1. The Once and Future Podcast
  2. The Creative Penn Podcast
  3. The Creative Writing Podcast
  4. Grammar Girl Podcast
  5. Litopia Podcast
  6. Fantasy and Science Fiction Podcast
  7. Writing Challenges Podcast
  8. Writing Excuses Podcast
  9. The Writing Show
  10. Escape Pod
For those of you with an iPod, iPhone, iPad or iWhatever you can simply search for these under the podcast tab in iTunes and add them at your leisure.  If you are on a different platform you should be able to download many of these in mp3 format and listen to them.  I am not as familiar with other platforms, so you are on your own when it comes to moving them to your device.

If anyone has any I SHOULD be listening to, please share them!


Jesse said...

The Science Fiction Book Review Podcast - reviews of SF novels (mostly) by a writer of them.

Sean Worth said...

Thanks Jesse, site looks interesting. I'll check out the podcasts.

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