Weekly Express

Since I tend to spend way too much time reading other writer's blogs, I thought I would deliver some of the better ones I find. Here are this weeks articles delivered by the Weekly Express:

The 18 Rules I Learned In My First Year As A Full Time Writer - Myke Cole comes clean about the hard truths of being a writer.

The Secret to Writing? - Chuck Wendig keeps it short and sweet.

Authors Whose Names Sound a Little Too Related to Their Subject Matter - Emily Temple finds the wordplay humor in a name.

Tolkien’s 10 Tips for Writers - Some words of wisdom from The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien, edited by Humphrey Carpenter.

The Complete Works of H.G. Wells - I somehow stumbled across this the other day.

Lastly, our friends over at Shadowbinders have a Kickstarter Campaign going right now.  Stop by and donate to a great project.


Liesel K Hill said...

Thanks for posting these! I went through them and they're all great. I especially like the Tolkien one. It's funny because I recently wrote a post that had to do with Tolkien myself. Apparently he's popular in the blogosphere this week! :D

Sean Worth said...

I love posting these weekly because I get posts like yours with more for me to check out! I loved your Tolkien post :)

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