Weekly Express

Since I tend to spend way too much time reading other writer's blogs, I thought I would deliver some of the better ones I find. Here are this weeks articles delivered by the Weekly Express:

How to Write the Hard Stuff, by Rachel Aaron.

25 Things You Should Know About World Building, by Chuck Wendig.

A new crop of literary novels explores our internet dystopia, by Charlie Jane Anders.

On Writing, by John Brown.  This article is an older one, but still a lot of useful information.

Our book of the week, On Writing: 10th Anniversary Edition: A Memoir of the Craft, by Stephen King has been around a while, but it is the type of book you reread more than once.  It is entertaining and inspiring, interspersed with writing advice delivered in King's usual short and snappy manner.  A must read for any writer.

As always, enjoy and feel free to leave comments with your own favorites, or even plug your own articles!

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