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Cameron Matthews, intrigued by the amazing plot breakdown in a recent article, decided to make a "play with your wordcount" spreadsheet to see just how much you should theoretically be writing in each section of your novel.  You pick a "target word count" and then tell the spreadsheet how much of your novel (in a percentage) is waste material that will get slashed by editing, and voila!  It figures out how much you should target for each of the four traditional "acts" of the story.  Useful also as a diagnostic tool when editing and you realize your denouement is nine words long, or your intro fails to answer needed questions.  You'll have to pop over to his site for the download.  Check out his other great tools while you're there.


Cameron said...

Thanks for the link and props :)

Not doing NaNo this year (participating in November Poem-A-Day challenge instead) but I might be starting a new work of fiction soon.

Appreciate all the links :)

S. M. Worth said...

Not a problem, much of your stuff is a great help to new and veteran Nano-ers alike.

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