Writer's Rooms

Where do you write?  Do you have an office, den, writer's cave that you call your own?  Most of us have our favorite place we like to write, or maybe a couple of favorite places.  I have a small office (and by small I mean maybe 8x9, the size of many walk in closets).  Most of the furniture is other family members leftovers that were destined to be thrown out. Almost half the books on the bookcase are research from one story or another.  Most of the fiction is on the living room bookcases.  When not writing in the office I have a laptop I use when outside on the deck.  I would love to see where you all write.  If anyone wants to send me a pic or two I will post a new writer's space every Wednesday.  You can send them to seanmworth at gmail dot com.  Enjoy the pictures of my tiny writing space below.



Heather A. Moeller said...

I don't have a specific place I like to write. I used to use a corner of a small room my family uses for storage, but it made me feel claustrophobic. Now I write anywhere I can set up my notebook or netbook computer.
Not confining myself to a specific place has come in handy when I've found a spare moment at work or while out shopping and the like.

Heather A. Moeller

S. M. Worth said...

I totally get the claustrophobic feeling. I tend to use the room to write when everyone is home. When I have the house to myself I'm on the couch or the deck (weather permitting).

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