Weekly Express

Since I tend to spend way too much time reading other writer's blogs, I thought I would deliver some of the better ones I find. Here are this weeks articles delivered by the Weekly Express:

Heaven Is - Myke Cole gets "Bible thumped" and shares his revalation. A good read.

25 Things You Should Know About Outlining - Chuck Wendig sharing his thoughts with his usual grit, NSFW as always.

Let’s Get Visible- Joanna Penn cracking Amazon's algorithms with David Gaughran.

Getting pecked to death:
Are critique groups worth it? - An interesting take on critique groups, by P. J. Parrish.

As always, enjoy and feel free to leave comments with your own favorites!


Anonymous said...

Awesome links! Love the "Let's Get Visible" post. Only, now I can't get "Let's Get Physical" out of my head. LOL

Sean Worth said...

Now you've done it to me! LOL

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