NaNoWrimo 2010, Day 3

Worked all night on the graveyard shift, so wrote when I got home.  Was able to churn out 956 quality words.  I was happy with that.  I was worried I'd be too tired, but once I sat my ass in the chair the words just flowed.  Actually had to stop myself so I could get some sleep.  All in all a good word count, always wish it was more, but content for today.

Current Word Count: 3676

Words to Go: Many many

Cups of Coffee: 0

Hours Spent Writing Today: 1 1/4

Number of Breaks Taken: None

Number of Characters Killed: None yet

Number of Times Writers’ Block Occurred: None!

Number of Times I Almost Gave Up: Not once.

Number of Chapters: 1

Favorite Character of the Day: Jor, the MC, though I am liking Amaelia more and more

My Morality Level: Happy, making good progress

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