Quotes To Get Me Through NaNoWriMo

My morning reminders as I start my NaNoWriMo writing today:

"You can fix everything but a blank page" - Nora Roberta

I have to remember to keep writing.  That this is a first draft.  I need to get the story on paper.  I can come back in December and develop witty banter and elegant prose.  For right now, just write!

"The first draft of anything is shit" - Ernest Hemingway

Ya, that one speaks for itself and I agree.  Stop over thinking what I've written.  Stop telling myself I can do this or that better.  I'm right I can, it just isn't going to get fixed now.

Ok...deep breath...time to write.


Christine said...

I love the Ernest Hemingway quote! I'm reading No Plot? No Problem! and Chris Baty says 'lower the bar from bestseller to would not make someone vomit.' Sadly, this is my goal. Lol!

S. M. Worth said...

Exactly my goal too Christine! I think sometimes I worry too much about editing as I go. Many times I get bogged down in description, dialogue and just the right way to word a sentence. This slows down the creative flow, which then discourages me. Glad someone else agrees. Thanks for the comment and keep me posted.

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