NaNoWriMo 2010, Day 5

Well, I am averaging about 1,200 words a day which isn't as much as I'd like, but its steady.  I am very happy that I haven't been discouraged by the low word count, I feel like this story is going somewhere.  The support from the other writers and NaNo'ers on Twitter has been amazing.  It has kept me going.  So thanks to all of you.  On a side note, the wife wants to start the bathroom remodel this weekend...doesn't she understand its November, lol.

Current Word Count: 6013

Words to Go: 44,000 minus a couple

Cups of Coffee: 0

Hours Spent Writing Today: 1

Number of Breaks Taken: None

Number of Characters Killed: 1

Number of Times Writers’ Block Occurred: None!

Number of Times I Almost Gave Up: Not once.

Number of Chapters: 2

Favorite Character of the Day: Jor, the MC, though I am liking Amaelia more and more

My Morality Level: Still impressed, making good progress

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